Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And One Month Later...

Yay, updates!!!

Since my last post, we've been working on 3 tiers of props for our eventual level; easy, medium, and hard. I was assigned:

Easy Prop: Signs

Double-sided sign: 28 triangles

Billboard: 1224 triangles

Medium Prop: Tire

432 triangles

Hard Prop: Skydome and Background Assets

Mountains: 20 and 30 triangles

Buildings: 6 to 30 triangles

Over Thanksgiving break we have to create the rough layout of our personalized level by blocking in geometry. (You can see the beginnings of the process in the picture above.) This is my original, rough layout:

It will obviously evolve over time. I'll post updates as the level becomes fleshed out.

In Game Design class, I have finished the gameplay of my mod, OneUP, and am now in the process of finalizing all of the visual elements (pieces, board, rulebook, and box) which is due in two classes. I'll post the rules up as soon as I polish them, so that any readers can try the game out for themselves!

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