Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Side Project!

I've been eyeing UDK's procedural building rulesets for a while now, and I'm finally jumping in. So far they have been a fantastic way of quickly getting a lot of variation from a semi-randomized pattern, as well as getting a less grid-spaced look to the pieces since all elements are based on ratios. This absolutely gorgeous photo has been my reference/inspiration, along with tons of general reference of the area.

Next up are more "storefront" variations and rooftop trim variations for the buildings, and then docks, boats, lights, flags and other eye candy. And new water.

Also, it is subtle but I added a slight fisheye post processing effect. In real life no lines continue straight all the way into our peripheral vision, and I think CG typically suffers from a lack of attention to this, especially at higher FOVs. So this was achieved in UDK by using a spherical mask to interpolate between the original scene and a reduced size version of the scene.

Lots to do!


  1. love to see a snapshot of the ruleset and the pieces. second year showing procedural buildings ... no takers. you may have a more convincing example. good work.

  2. No problem, once I get a chance I'll make a post covering how I set them up. Proc buildings have a few glitches (the important quad function doesn't work) but there are workarounds.